Singing, singing. Great, but sometimes bad. Today, I’ll tell you why. Why It’s Good Some people can agree that singing is fun. For example, singers today could all agree that they’re quite passionite in their singing career. I like singing myself, most because I can’t help myself from doing it. I wouldn’t say that I […]


Cats! The creature that everyone loves. They’re ridiculously funny and adorable. Here is an article all about cats. (Yes, made for cat lovers!) Types Of Cute Cats According to the internet, the most popular cute cats are the rag doll, Scottish Fold, Brazilian Shorthair, Munchkin, Birman, Persian, Siberian, Tikish Angora, Himalayan, Maine Coon, American Bobtail, […]

Writing Tips : How to start the base of your story

To first start off, your gonna need to think of something people are interested in. For an example, somebody might love a non-fiction book about bears. Once you’ve got your idea, start building off of it. Non-Fiction Non-fiction requires lots of facts, information, and research. So let’s say (for an example) I wanted to make […]

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