Writing Tips : How to write short or long articles

If you don’t already know what articles are, they can be long or short stories that are posted on websites (Like this one), magazines, newspapers, etc. Some can be fiction, news, or even non-fiction.

Most popular articles are either helping articles on the internet, magazines, and newspapers. To start you’ll need to research, make a story, or look at recent news. Make sure you write the date your article was made if it recently happened. (More details are included in the excerpt to how to write a good story)

Long Articles

For recent you need to find as much info as you can on the subject. For a helping article, write as much help you can find. For magazines, write about daily life helping and interesting things. For stories, write problems and solutions.

Short Articles

Recent, magazines, and helping articles need a short summary of what happened, helping, or daily life stuff. For stories, write tiny problems and solutions that wrap up quickly.


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A female who posts things on her website often, and likes to write.

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