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Some people like to write, like me. Or maybe like you. So, this is a welcome. I will post tips, story ideas, or even stories of my own. You can comment and even maybe give me ideas and share them with others. This is a big giant welcome!


The Sims 4: A game of Life!

This is a game trailer article thingy? I don’t know. The sims 4 is a popular game over the USA. It is a Life simulator.

Starting Off Your Sim

A sim is a little person that you can customize. And when I say customize, I mean you can even edit the shape of their face, their body, everything. Usually my tip is to not go crazy with your sim looking perfect. That’ll lead to hours, and hours, and HOURS of editing and customizing your sim. So just stick to the basics.

To start your sim off with a house, you’ll need to buy or build them one. To buy, you just have to click on the house you like and have enough money for, then click your household. You can edit it or leave it there. And don’t become obsessed with building, because then you’ll have no time to care for your sim!

Your Sim’s Relationships

Love is in the air! Your sims can make relationships. This way they can a have a boyfriend/girlfriend or they can have a husband/wife. Or they can just be friends or enemies. You decide! Once you get married, you can have children from birth or adoption. There is rambling toddlers, cute kids, crazy teens and young adults, adults, and elders. You shape their family. You shape their house. You shape their outfits. You make their lifestyle.

Happy Writing!

Why We Have Interests

Some people might wonder, why do we have interests? Well, I’ll tell you why.

Something might catch your eye, for example, I like to write. It grabbed my attention quickly. Everyone happens to have a hobby, or something they enjoy doing. Once they start to like it, they start researching it and talking about it often. They might have clothing about it, drafts about it, everything. You know for sure a person enjoys something if that’s all they talk about. We all have at least one personal interest.

Happy Writing!


Singing, singing. Great, but sometimes bad. Today, I’ll tell you why.

Why It’s Good

Some people can agree that singing is fun. For example, singers today could all agree that they’re quite passionite in their singing career. I like singing myself, most because I can’t help myself from doing it. I wouldn’t say that I want to do it as a career, though. Singing in some cases relax people, like lullabies.

Why It’s Bad

Some people can disagree that singing is good. Some people think it is distracting or annoying. Some people just hate the sound of it!

Happy Writing!


Cats! The creature that everyone loves. They’re ridiculously funny and adorable. Here is an article all about cats. (Yes, made for cat lovers!)

Types Of Cute Cats

According to the internet, the most popular cute cats are the rag doll, Scottish Fold, Brazilian Shorthair, Munchkin, Birman, Persian, Siberian, Tikish Angora, Himalayan, Maine Coon, American Bobtail, American Curl, Bengal, Japanese Bobtail, Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest, Manx, Balinese, Siamese, Somali, Exotic Shorthair, Egyptian Mau, Cymric, Havana Brown, Bombay, Ginger, and Chartreux.

One of the most famous cats is ‘Grumpy Cat’ due to her appearance. It looks like she has a big giant frown, and many memes were made off of the cat. The real name of the cat was Tarder Sauce. The breed of this cat is unknown, but it is guessed to be a Ragdoll or a Showshoe. The mother was a Domestic Short cat. Most people assume the cat is one-of-a-kind.

How To Take Care Of A Cat

A cat is a giant responsibility, and it requires lots of attention. You cannot give it baths, because it usually bathes itself. You need to feed it proper food that you find in stores. You need to let it drink water as well. A cat is kind of like a human. It needs proper care. Never ever attempt to tame a stray cat. It might have diseases, it can bite, and it can scratch. Overall cats are cute. Happy writing!

Writing Tips : How to write short or long articles

If you don’t already know what articles are, they can be long or short stories that are posted on websites (Like this one), magazines, newspapers, etc. Some can be fiction, news, or even non-fiction.

Most popular articles are either helping articles on the internet, magazines, and newspapers. To start you’ll need to research, make a story, or look at recent news. Make sure you write the date your article was made if it recently happened. (More details are included in the excerpt to how to write a good story)

Long Articles

For recent you need to find as much info as you can on the subject. For a helping article, write as much help you can find. For magazines, write about daily life helping and interesting things. For stories, write problems and solutions.

Short Articles

Recent, magazines, and helping articles need a short summary of what happened, helping, or daily life stuff. For stories, write tiny problems and solutions that wrap up quickly.

Writing Tips: Writing the middle and end

Middle and ends are the hardest parts, so I’m gonna help! Read the rest of the article to find some tips! Have fun writing!


For this you’ll need to keep on going with facts. You can add photos for the subject about your thing. Write different chapters/paragraphs about certain facts. Then at the end, end with a interesting fact that wraps it up.

Fantasy Or Fiction

For fiction and fantasy, it’ll be harder. You need to build off of your story. Make problems and solutions that keep happening until you decide it is enough. Then, do a dramatic ending or cliffhanger. Cliffhangers that people get interested in can lead to a big series!

Writing Tips : How to start the base of your story

To first start off, your gonna need to think of something people are interested in. For an example, somebody might love a non-fiction book about bears. Once you’ve got your idea, start building off of it.


Non-fiction requires lots of facts, information, and research. So let’s say (for an example) I wanted to make a non-fiction book about foxes. I would first need to research for fox facts. Then, I would start it with writing (Again, for example) maybe did you know this or that about foxes? Read this to find out more!

Fantasy Or Fiction

Now for this, it’s easier than non-fiction. All you have to do is wander off to fantasy world for a bit. Write down ideas or things you have in mind for your story. Then, start off with a dramatic beginning.

The Hans Wilhelm Treasury Of Jokes By Joseph Rosenbloom

This is a joke book I have read, and I want to share a few jokes with you. I have made none of these jokes, all the credit goes to Joseph Rosenbloom.

Why do bees hum? Because they don’t know the words. Why did the elephant quit the circus? He got tired of working for peanuts. Which clown has the biggest shoes? The one with the biggest feet.

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